If you're one of those people who owns an iPhone 6 Plus, take this as a friendly reminder from us. Don't put it in the front pocket of your jeans! A lot of complaints from iPhone 6 users have been spreading around the web that they've accidentally bent their iPhone 6 Plus by simply putting it on their front pocket while sitting too long.

Some people say that the device might be too thin for its large body. In addition to that, the iPhone 6 Plus is made of aluminum - a metal that is very bendable. 

Users Complain that iPhone 6 bends In Their Pocket

Try to search these hashtags on Twitter, #bendgate #bentgate, and you'll find out more about the issue. You'll also noticed that some even trolled Apple by posting warped images of the Mac Book and iPhone. 

Users Complain that iPhone 6 bends In Their Pocket

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test by Unbox Therapy

Here's a video showing how iPhone 6 Plus gets easily bent. 

So to those who are planning to get the iPhone 6 Plus better get a good case for added protection that might prevent the #bendgate accident from happening. I'm also quite sure that not all iPhone 6 plus will have this issue. :)
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