After months of rumors, Twitter finally launches their own platform for real-time commerce, the Twitter Commerce, with its first commerce product! This is a latest effort of Twitter to expand from a simple micro-blogging site to an interesting real-time business platform.

Twitter Commerce

The Twitter commerce is very easy to use since it has a straightforward implementation. Hit the "Buy" button placed alongside the image of an item for sale, then input billing, shipping and payment information. In just a few taps, you will be able to complete the transaction.

According to Nathan Hubbard, Twitter’s head of commerce, "There are already transactional conversations happening every day on our platform between brands and their customers or artists and their fans. What we’re trying to do is build the shortest path between an offer and a completed sale, to eliminate the friction of clicking a link that takes you to another website where you might have to type in a whole bunch of information each time."

For now, this is only available in US with a limited set of partners. 


The Verge
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