Satchmi is one of the rare turn table and vinyl shop in the country. Last September 25, 2014, Satchmi soft-opened their first very classic looking shop at the 4th floor of Megamall Fashion Hall. It's an old classic american based shop that offers various audiophile goodness from vinyl disc, vinyl players to coffee!

Satchmi, music and lifestyle
On top of that, Satchmi have have their very own listening room where-in our ears can feast! This is also a place where-in you can try all of their turn tables paired with a Marshall Major.

Satchmi's listening room is definitely gorgeous!
The coffee shop area!
What's separates Satchmi from other vinyl shops is they have their own coffee shop! The price was very reasonable at PHP 100 - 140 only! Personally, I could even prefer this over other coffee shop because of the music side. :) 

The Motorino II!
From what I can remember, the motorino II is a very good sounding affordable vinyl player! The details and resolution of the music is outstanding with this! What more if we pair this into really good amps, speakers and headphones? :) Motorino is their most affordable set at PHP 7,799.00 only. The cycle of music is really 

The list of their turn tables

  • The Motorino II  - PHP 7,799.00
  • Crosley Spinnerette - PHP 8,899.00
  • Crosley Collegiate - PHP 9,899.00
  • Rega RP1 - PHP 17,500.00

Overall, the place is made for all music lovers of any age. It brings that nostalgia effect of the times where vinyl records reign our land. In fact, vinyl records are still the best sounding records even with the emergence of mp3. I must say it's a must visit! It's an amazing place where-in you can chill, listen to good music and have coffee!

To know more about Satchmi

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