Hello wrestling fans out there! Do you wanna witness our very own Pinoy wrestlers do some live actions in the ring? I know you'll definitely say YES! Well here's a good news for all of you.

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be holding its first LIVE pro-wrestling event entitled "Renaissance" at the Makati Cinema Square on September 27, 2014. The event's aim is to bring the Pinoy pro-wrestling out of the dark ages!

PWR is founded by a group of individuals online with a similar goal to bring professional wrestling back into prominence here in the Philippines. According to PWR, "Professional wrestling is no stranger to our soils. One only needs to go back a few decades when wrestlers like Joe Pogi and the Smokey Mountain Brothers were household names and were blazing the trail for Pinoy wrestling. PWR is looking to carry on that fine tradition and capitalize on Filipinos' love for the sport.  PWR is looking to give ardent and feverish wrestling fans a homegrown wrestling federation where they can cheer for Filipino wrestling talents, and not just rely on having international outlets like the WWE and TNA."

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What to expect in the event?

Watch out how the "The Social Media Sinister", Ken Warren takes on Filipino-American sensation from Detroit, Chris Panzer 

Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents "Renaissance" Pro-Wrestling Event (Raffle)
It's a battle between two of the first batch of graduates from the first-ever PWR bootcamp - the Pride of Ilocos Norte, Main Maxx VS Marikina's Best Kept Secret, Mike Vargas!

Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents "Renaissance" Pro-Wrestling Event (Raffle)

Kanto Terror's Kanto Kaos Klassic Open Challenge

Who is Kanto Terror? According to PWR, He is a hooligan in his barangay, the man known as "Kanto Terror" is no stranger to fights. With habits such as getting drunk, initiating riots and facilitating beerhouse fights, K.T. has build up a reputation suitable of his monicker. 

Watch out for his Kanto Kaos Klassic Open-Challenge segment.

Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents "Renaissance" Pro-Wrestling Event (Raffle)

"Prepare for an all-out war at Renaissance when the Backyard Wrestling Legend from Taguig takes on the Prophet of Destruction in an unforgiving match where anything goes! Bombay Suarez vs The Apocalypse in a No Holds Barred Match at Renaissance! " - PWR

Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents "Renaissance" Pro-Wrestling Event (Raffle)

Main Event

"The Heir to Hacienda De Leon battles the man hailing from a First World Country-- it's Jake De Leon vs Classical Bryan Leo at Renaissance! Will The Senyorito prevail with Minimum Wage and Maximum Rage or will the King of the Royal Flush prove that classics never go out of style?" - PWR
Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents "Renaissance" Pro-Wrestling Event (Raffle)
Event Details

Date: September 27, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM (Gates will open a 6PM)
Venue: Makati Cinema Square Complex, Makati City, Philippines
Ticket Price: Php 250 (You may purchase tickets at the Makati Cinema Square)

*For further inquiries, you may reach PWR thru their official Facebook page:  

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- Contestants should use their real names (no anonymous names) for verification and security purposes.

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