3 days ago, an system update for Xiaomi Redmi 1S suddenly popped up. Named JHCMIBH43.0 the stable version. It is said that the recent update will provide more optimization, improved messaging and fix other bugs found in your Redmi 1S.

MIUI Update for Xiaomi Redmi 1S Now Available!
Update time! (While watching ikaw lamang LOL)
The file size to be downloaded was over 500 MB (514 MB to be exact) and it took me more or less 2 hours to complete the download. After that our review unit restarted and viola our MIUI was updated to JHCMIBH43.0 from JHCMIBH36.0. There are no visible changes to the user interface of Redmi 1S. However, the phone feels faster and more responsive now when playing games, texting and opening multiple apps. That could be due to a better ram management this time around. Overall, the phone feels more fluid and is now faster.

Another highlight of this update is the unified Mi Cloud usage, that's a great thing if you're using that app frequently. In general, this is a great update that gives the users more fluid feel and better os stability. Hopefully, the next update will be the much awaited Kitkat upgrade of the said phone. :)

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