If you want a MIUI like launcher, MIUI Express is the closest thing to the original launcher. It is created by the forum of MIUI enthusiast to provide everyone a custom rom like experience. Our team recently downloaded it and tested it on one of our lower end units.

And we loved it! Check out the photos below:

MIUI For Everyone? Checkout MIUI Express!
The lockscreen!
MIUI For Everyone? Checkout MIUI Express!
My Tools! Very much MIUI

MIUI For Everyone? Checkout MIUI Express!
So far the interface is very smooth,
given that this device only have 512MB of RAM.
By the way Mi Apps are working!
MIUI For Everyone? Checkout MIUI Express!
The overall UI seems to be very flat :)
MIUI For Everyone? Checkout MIUI Express!
That one click boost is very very useful!
MIUI For Everyone? Checkout MIUI Express!
Even the messages looks sweet!
Some of MIUI Express Functions

- Added dual-SIM/SMS blocklist function
- When calling someone, will show from which SIM card you called them last time
- Further enhanced the smoothness of messaging details page and contacts page
- Optimized transition effect of contacts and messaging page

- Added dual-SIM blocklist function
- Added SMS blocklist function
- Added ringing times in call records 
- When calling someone, will show from which SIM card you called them last time

- Opening speed of messaging details page
- Smoothness of contacts page
- Transition effect of contacts and messaging page
- Reduced size of the installation file

- Could not make calls in some devices
- SIM cards display errors for dual-SIM devices in first launching
- Messaging conversation page didn't refresh
- Messaging app would crash if failed to load messages. And it didn't sync messages automatically
- Some devices had stock popup window when receiving messages while in calls details page
- When there were missed calls or messages, calls and messaging icons didn't show superscripts
- Missed calls didn't disappear from the notification shade for some devices
- Send messages button didn't work
- Sometimes SIM card contacts were repeated
- Screen lock didn't work after rebooting for some devices
- App would crash when pressing the number in unknown number details page
- Could not unlock the phone because of 'Prevent pocket dials' mode
- Could not lock or unlock screen because of proximity sensor 
- It took a long time to sync messages when first launching MIUI Lite
- Timed messages didn't show icons
- Sometimes wallpaper had glitches after unlocking
- Some devices had no response in messaging page
- Could not select default messaging app when opening messaging for some devices
- It would FC when entering contacts details page for some devices
- Reduced the distance to slide to unlock
- Could not read blocked messages
- After doing factory reset, contacts app would crash in entering
- Some devices had problems receiving messages
- Could not search in contacts photo package
- Errors in blocking messages for Android 4.4 devices
- Market would crash when searching
- Home screen icons did not show after folding T9 dialer

Note: I also tested this unique launcher with a phone that only have an old rooted dual core mediatek processor and 512 GB of RAM. It was running smoothly for texting and regular usage, but unfortunately when I opened the facebook with messenger app it crashes most of the time. In general I suggest that your phone should have at least 1GB of RAM before trying this one out.

So what are you waiting for? Those who would like to try the MIUI experience can now download this. All you need to do is register.

Update: There's a new version that's lighter and have less bugs and errors.

Source and Download here!

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