Yesterday, FiiO Electronics posted a comparison via their Facebook account which stated that "iPod classic discontinued? No worries, we have the perfect successor!" its Fiio X5! With a design inspired from the original iPod classic, Fiio X5 also carries a real iPod like mechanical scroll for your easy navigation. FiiO X5 is no pushover though, even though the design is just an inspiration the hardware found on this device is an absolute monster!

FiiO X5 Trolls Apple with the Death of the iPod Classic
iPod is dead!
For those who don't know, FiiO is the leading portable amplifier company that's based in China that offers top notch quality at a very affordable rate all the time. Their flagship high end, hi fidelity digital to analog player (DAP) FiiO X5 is an amazing sounding product that beats the hell out of even more expensive products. X5 is also an amplifier and digital to analog converter in one.

FiiO Trolls Apple with the Death of the iPod Classic
Fortunately we have an X5!
Based on the photo above the said device employs a high grade DAC with a very low distortion, it can also power up to 450mW that is capable of driving full size headphones with ease! FiiO X5 is also capable of playing 192kHz/64bits of high resolution playback that is said to be beyong master-tape audio quality. The storage is also an absolute beast, it have dual micro SDXC card slots that can support up to 256GB and an estimate of 64,000 songs!

Having said all of that, it seems like iPod classic now have an absolutely more than worthy successor, but this time it's not made by Apple Inc. LOL


FiiO Electronics Facebook Page
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