The mother of all 27-inch displays is here! Dell recently announced their 5K (Yes you read that right 5K not 4K) with a jaw dropping resolution of 5120 x 2880! At 27 inches that's very very sharp display! Just when I thought that UHD 4K is currently the king of displays, dell just popped up with a 5K Ultra sharp monitor!

Dell Unveils a 27-inch ‘5K’ Monitor!
5K resolution for a PC monitor? :))))) YUM!
Currently, I am drooling to see what this type of screen technology has to offer. If it's at 5K resolution, it should be significantly better than the ultra good and high 4K resolution.The world of technology just keeps on getting better and better, it's just like yesterday when 4K resolution was announced then all of a sudden here comes 5K! Rumors said that this will cost around USD $2,500 by Christmas, however Dell has been really quiet about the exact specs of this monitor.

Right now, what we can do is just wait when this other worldly device will came out. :)


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