The House of Lasagna is an Italian-inspired restaurant which first opened on J.Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City on February 5, 2009. Geeky Pinas had a chance to meet the owner of the House of Lasagna (HoL), Chef Erick Congmon- a young passionate chef who hails from the famous Congmon clan of Cebu (owner of the ubiquitous Sunburst Fried Chicken restaurant chain in VisMin). He shared to us a little background and history of his restaurant which I will also share in the latter part of the article.

House of Lasagna Experience
House of Lasagna's Best Seller- Beef Lasagna. 
He recommended to us the HoL's best-seller - the Beef Lasagna! (See photo above). In 2012 and 2013, the Beef Lasagna was rated #1 in the "Top Ten list of Meat Lasagnas" by So, this is definitely a must-try dish!

I was surprised that a single order of lasagna is already good for 2 people. As you would notice, the serving is big and the sauce is overflowing - that makes it really more attractive! The taste is creamy and balanced - neither too salty nor too sweet, unlike the flavorful Filipino dishes that most Pinoys are used to. According to Chef Erick, he maintains a well-balanced taste to suit the different taste preferences of customers. It's up to the customer if they want to adjust it through the condiments available.

House of Lasagna Experience
Carbonara Lasagna!
They have a wide variety of Lasagna dishes that will surely satisfy your lasagna cravings. Just choose the lasagna of your choice and enjoy!  We have also tried HoL's Carbonara Lasagna. It's very delicious! I'll definitely order this next time when I go back to this restaurant.

House of Lasagna Experience
Unlimited Toasted Bread
The perfect match for Lasagna - toasted bread. What makes it more perfect is, it's UNLIMITED when you order a lasagna! :)) 

House of Lasagna Experience
House-blended iced tea
Sometimes, they serve UNLIMITED house-blended iced tea. Just watch out for their promos!

House of Lasagna Experience
Whole Size Tray
Aside from the single order, you may also order the half tray or whole tray which is perfect for small gatherings. Price for the half tray is Php 800.00 while the whole tray is Php 1400.00. The House of Lasagna offers the largest lasagna tray in town. :)

Meet Chef Erick Congmon
House of Lasagna Experience
Chef Erick Congmon- owner of House of Lasagna
Hello there Chef! :)

Well, a little background about HoL..He named it House of Lasagna because his business started at his home. Back then, he also offered pastries, cakes and desserts, apart from his main course, the lasagna. It was in a pre-ordered basis- you order then pick-up. You can have it delivered, as well.

Second, the restaurant is a place for families. As you can see on the exterior and interior of the restaurant, it's designed like a house. "It feels like home when you eat here!"

Lastly, the chef treats his customers as his family!

Inside House of Lasagna Restaurant - Megamall Branch

If you're planning to visit the HoL, Megamall branch, here's a preview of the interior.

House of Lasagna Experience

House of Lasagna Experience

House of Lasagna Experience

House of Lasagna Experience

House of Lasagna to open in Makati on September

Chef Congmon disclosed to us that he will soon open another branch in Makati. This will be House of Lasagna's 6th and last branch for the year 2014. Watch out for the opening! 

To sum it all up, House of Lasagna has already 5 branches - 4 in the Philippines and 1 in China:

1.  J.Abad Santos Street
2. Greenhills Shopping Center
3. Eton Centris
4. Shanghai, China
5. Megamall

Geeky Pinas Team with Chef Erick Congmon

House of Lasagna Experience
Geeky Pinas with Chef Erick Congmon. The Chef Pose! :))

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