FiiO Electronics raised the bar once more when it comes to budget hifi music players. I thought that FiiO X3 is already super affordable for the performance it delivers but I was wrong. The portable amplifier manufacturer giant is set to release another budget audiophile grade powerful music player for the masses this September. It is a very bold aggressive innovative move by FiiO to bring down the price of this type of quality parts to an unprecedented price of USD 100 only!

FiiO X1 to be Released SOON! Update!
Meet FiiO X1! Looks better and should definitely sound better than iDevices
Here's some of the information gathered via

1, Target M.S.R.P  US$100 in U.S. the retail price in other countries will depended on our distributor and different VAT...
2, Playback supported: almost same as X3/X5,  but it can't support DSD playback and work as USB DAC like X3/X5.
3, Size: 96.5 X 57 X 13.5 mm, Weight : 108g;
4, Build in Memory : None
5, Extend Memory : Micro SD card slot x1, supports up to 128g.
6, Audio out : LO and PO, no Coaxial out. The LO/PO will use the same 3.5mm headphone jack but switched by menu.
7, Micro USB socket.
8, output power: 70@32ohms and 120mW@16ohms
9, Screen:  2.0'' 320*240 TFT
10, DAC : PCM5142 from TI, OP: OPA2322, BUF: ISL28291
11, Power supply for amp section : +/- 3.3V not output capacitor.
12, Battery: 1700mAh.
13, Play time: > 12 hours.
14, The other features is similar with X5, includes gapless playback , cover display, playlist, EQ.

If all of the above mentioned specs and features are correct, FiiO X1 will be an amazing buy. I would rush at the store where it will be available here in the Philippines and buy one immediately for review immediately! Nice one FiiO keep those affordable amazing products coming!

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