During our last visit at The Listening Room Megamall, we have had a chance to hear and see in the flesh Audio Technica's latest in ear monitors in the Philippines. If you love the sound of ATH M50, you'll surely love this! :)

Audio Technica ATH IM70, Dual Symphonic Drivers Goodness Now in the Country!
Meet IM70! :)
Brief Impressions
Audio Technica ATH IM70, Dual Symphonic Drivers Goodness Now in the Country!
IM70 in the flesh!


ATH IM70's build quality is very solid, the housing is really huge (bigger than Havi B3 Pro 1) made out of high quality plastic and the cables are fairly thick. There's also a catch with this IEM, the cables are detachable! So in case you break it accidentally, you may just replace it with after market cables. (We still don't know if ATH will sell replacement cables here)


I have had a hard time getting the right fit for me, even with several tips I cannot get the seal I want. The earhooks type memory wire is also pretty annoying at first. In general, I may need more time before I get used to its comfort.


ATH IM70 have a really close sound signature to ATH M50 cans, the bass level is close to bass-head quality, but the vocals are amazingly clear! The soundstage is pretty wide too, not as wide as Havi B3, but its getting near there. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to really dissect the sound quality of IM70. To my ears right now, its on the same level of VSD3, KC06A and GR07. 

Overall, if you love the sound signature of ATH M50, this is the no brainer portable substitute to that highly popular can. :)

Price: PHP 5,499.00


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