Apple corporate initiative began an iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program to replace the defective batteries of iPhone 5 units that have a faulty battery resulting in a shorter battery life and longer, more frequent charging time. iPhone 5 devices with battery issues were sold between September of 2012 and January of 2013 and are eligible for a free battery replacement.

Apple Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5

According to Apple Incorporated, the issue affects only a "limited serial number range." iPhone 5 users can input their serial numbers on Apple's replacement site to find out whether their phones need a new battery. Those who do have a faulty battery can get a replacement through an Apple Authorized Service Provider, an Apple Retail Store, or through Apple Technical support.

For some who already paid to replace their batteries will be receiving a refund for the cost of the battery replacement from Apple. Apple's support site says the program covers iPhone 5 batteries for two years after the first retail sale of the unit or until March 1, 2015, whichever provides longer coverage. Replacements are available in the United States and China, with the program beginning in other countries on August 29.

Battery Replacement Program, Apple also has a replacement program for iPhone 5 units that have a faulty sleep/wake button, which also provides repairs at no cost. iPhone 5s user reported a faulty battery life but Apple will reach out individually to affected users rather than implementing a replacement program for those devices.

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