Battery drainage is one of the major problems of a smartphones. Usually a phone with 5 Inches and 2000 mAh last less than a day when you use it heavily. Today, we've gathered 5 cool battery saving tricks to help your smartphones last longer.

5 Cool Battery Saving Tricks for Smartphone Users!

1. Turn your phone to Airplane mode

When you don't need cellular data or 3G, turning your phone into airplane mode is one of the best solution. It doesn't only save battery life, but it also make your phone charge 2x faster! This is best done when you're playing games or you wanted your phone to charge faster. :)

2. Dimmer lights please

Honestly, most phone users won't need max brightness when you use your device! A little bit of light is sufficient enough for our eyes because it is normal for the human eyes to adjust to the dimmer lights.

3. Turn off Wifi / 3G / Bluetooth

This is a common mistake of many people, they tend to let their batteries drain because they always forget to turn off WiFi. 3G and Bluetooth. Unfortunately, when all of those 3 are open you're gonna have a bad battery life time.

4. Turn off your screen faster

Especially when not in use, try to lower down the number of seconds or minutes in which your phone will sleep when you are not doing anything with it. It will really save a lot of power for your device when you need to use it.

5. Turn off location detection

Or enable battery saving feature (If you are using Kitkat 4.4), this will basically eat less battery from your unit and even make your phone run faster a little.

In general

Turn off the things that you don't use or need, may it be the brightness of your screen, the volume of your tones, 3G / WiFi and etc to maximize the battery life of your phone. Just use your phone right and you'll have the right results! :)
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