If you are a fan of retro game or just some hipster gamer like me you would like this Android and Apple mobile app that we discovered recently.

Tropic Heroes: A Taste of Retro in Indie Games!

Tropic Heroes an indie developed game that has a nostalgic retro feel of old aircraft arcade games. We conducted an interview with the game developer's partner Angel Kho, see the below Q&A:

GeekPinas: Is your partner the sole developer of the game or did he have a team with him?
Angel: My partner, Fredrik Spangler, was the sole developer of Tropic Heroes. To give a bit more background. He's an American Poker professional who came to Manila two years ago.
GeekyPinas: Is this the first game that your partner made?
Angel: He self-studied programming just two months ago and came out with Tropic Heroes as his first mobile game project for practice. 
GeekyPinas: What made the developer (your partner) to do this game? 
Angel: He was inspired by retro style aircraft games he's played in the past but noticed that the main object just had limited directions (like forward and sideways for example). He wanted to do one that could go in all directions and make the game simple but still challenging.
GeekyPinas: Do you have any game development plans afterwards? Are there future updates / add-ons for the game?
Angel: He is about to embark on other projects he's been planning on but also working on releasing Tropic Heroes on iPhone. He may also have future add-ons to the current one. 

Since this is a retro game we expect something like an 8-bit kind of graphics. But the game itself shows that it has some more modern look in it than the old retro games.

Tropic Heroes: A Taste of Retro in Indie Games!

Game Mechanics
The game has two modes - the campaign and survival. Both of these modes uses the same controls, by touching the screen the cursor moves then the plane moves automatically in the direction of the cursor and the plane's speed depends on how far the cursor is to the plane. The power-ups in the game adds more to the nostalgic feeling of picking up power-ups in the older generations of games. In the campaign mode you have to survive waves of enemies and while survival mode is an endless spawn of enemies. To make it a little easier there is an upgrade system whenever the player dies in either mode. Killing enemies grant you money to use for these upgrades.

The game presents a nice nostalgic feel to it for older players and a new experience for the newer generations. It was a challenging for a mobile game we hope for more games from the developer soon!

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