When me and my girl was looking for a great gift-able budget IEM under 1000 pesos, I came across to browsing theheadphonelist buyers guide to seek recommendations other than the usual budget favorites like Monoprice and Soundmagic. We saw Philips SHE 3590 and it caught our attention and excitement! After reading several reviews in the internet I've concluded that this is a must try! The rest was history! :)

Philips SHE 3590, A Miracle V-Shaped Bargain
We got the item at PHP 399.00 only during the Megamall 3 day sale! :)))
To my ears this is not your average cheap in ear monitors, it is on the same level as monoprice 9927 in terms of sound quality which is better than most regular consumer in ear monitors over PHP 3,000.00!

Build Quality, Style, Comfort and Accessories

Philips SHE 3590, A Miracle V-Shaped Bargain
Check out the cables!
Build wise, I do not have that much confidence in it as the cables are slightly thin and the overall body is made out of cheap plastic. Fortunately, with proper handling and care should make them last. For modders this is a perfect pair for experiments just like Monoprice 9927.

If you're a fan of colorful in ear monitors; but can't afford buying beats, soul, urban ears and etc. this one is a cheaper and better alternative. It have the looks and style to match them and the sound is significantly better than most of them.

Philips SHE 3590, A Miracle V-Shaped Bargain
And the 3.5mm jack!
Philips SHE 3590 is a very comfortable set indeed, I can wear them for hours without fatigue and irritation. The eartips included were really soft and it just disappears on my ears. One impressive aspect about this IEM is it have very low cable noise. Overall, I love its comfort!

Accessory wise, you'll just get the IEM itself and 3 pairs of soft silicon tips. Not the best package in the world, but for the price it's really acceptable.


Philips SHE 3590, is indeed a miracle budget set! I'm really amazed that this one is on the same level of my favorite super budget IEM, Monoprice 9927! Soundwise its signature was V - Shaped meaning it packs boosted emphasis on bass and treble. The lows of this IEM doesn't distort and have an amazing range. One great characteristic of its sound signature is it's not muffled and that V - Shape sound doesn't overwhelm the mids. I even liked this one better than the much pricer RHA MA600i and Soundmagic E10 except build quality.

Some may find the treble a little harsh but you can always use an equalizer to tune the music output you want. I lowered the treble by 1-2db in my equalizer settings.

Overall, Philips SHE 3590 really have good sound quality even if they'll price this one at around PHP 2,000.00.

Note: All music files used were in lossless format, A standard burn in of 50 hours is performed as well!


A surefire no brainer! A perfect gift for everyone who loves music especially for those who is on a very tight budget. Imagine at only PHP 699.00 or PHP 399.00 (Sale Price) you can get this much of audio goodness!


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