Today, Apple Inc. released the Yosemite Beta sooner or later will be the latest operating system for Mac OS X. It is considered an open beta for the public. Originally it was only intended for developers not everyone can provide more feedback and bug reporting as they go into transition as final release.  

Apple OS X Yosemite Beta Starts Today!

Apple as we know is run by idealists. They show off final devices at its launch events, and developers are strictly forbidden from sharing screenshots of upcoming iOS and OS X Releases. Now, the testing period is finally about to begin: Apple says that beta users will be able to download an early version of the OS X starting today at around 1PM Eastern Standard Time. If you've already signed up to join the beta program, you don't need to do anything; you'll get a notification when the OS is ready to download, more likely a link will be given via email. 

If you haven't gotten around to it yet, though, we suggest you get on that As soon as possible: Only one million people are allowed to participate in this ground breaking early-stage beta testing. 


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