For those who missed this one out, the Chinese Giant Super Phone Manufacturer is coming ot the Philippines! I guess most of the tech people are excited to welcome Xiaomi here in our country. 

Waiting for Mi? Yes, Patiently! :)
Look who's here!
A little info, Xiaomi is like the Apple of China. No! Let me correct that Xiaomi is the Xiaomi of the China and the world. Since they started making high spec'ed smartphones and gadgets at a dirt cheap price, they took the world by storm. Fortunately, they're now here in the country to join the party of budget great quality gadgets. For the record, even though all of their products are really cheap they have top notch part and don't feel cheap at all.

Waiting for Mi? Yes, Patiently! :)
I'm excite to try the highly functional MIUI!

Waiting for Mi? Yes, Patiently! :)
That Mi Products!
Now what's the Mi product you are really excited about? Me? I like the Mi TV 2, Mi Powerbank Mi 3! :)

Let's watch our for their prices, all I know right now is they're ridiculously low!

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