Here's a great news for Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum users! The much awaited KitKat 4.4 update for the device is finally here. To upgrade, follow the instructions below or go to this link

Omega Spectrum KitKat 4.4 Update

Omega Spectrum Software upgrade 

Important Note: During the process, all files (pictures, Music, Applications, etc.) will be deleted please be sure that all important files is already backed up to a different storage other than your Internal storage of your phone and your SD card.


1. Download Omega Spectrum upgrade here:

2. Insert your SD card to your Omega Spectrum.

3. Copy the to your SD card using a micro USB cable plugged in to your computer.
a.   Please do not unzip the file. Just copy and paste it to your SD card.
b.   Please make sure that is the only .zip file that is on the SD card ( to be sure have your SD card formated and delete the folders and files on your SD card except the ).

4. Turn off your Omega Spectrum.

5. When the Omega Spectrum is turned off. press the power button + volume up button for 5 seconds you will feel a vibration.

6. Choose english. To navigate, use volume up to scroll up and down to scroll down and press the power button to confirm.

7. Navigate again using the volume up or down button to select "apply update from external storage". Press the power button to confrim.

8. Navigate again using the volume up or down to "" and press the power button to confirm

9. The upgrade will start, there will be yellow phrases. the last phrase will be "Install from sdcard complete".

10. Navigate again using volume up or volume down to select reboot system now press power button to confirm.

11. There will be a prompt that " Android is upgrading" please wait until it is finished. Upgrade to Kitkat 4.4.2 version of omega spectrum is now completed.

For more information please visit nearest Cherry Mobile service center.


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