Ever had an iPhone earbuds with microphone and wanted to make the microphone work and correct the sound output on your Android phone? Then unfortunately, your phone can't even use other type of headphones that works only for CTIA ready phones? Fortunately, there is a type of cable that can fix those issues. Just get Fiio LU1 Smart Adapter and it will work on most phones that's not CTIA ready.

FIIO LU1 Smart Adapter, an Cable to Fix TRRS Compliance Issues
Meet LU1!
Build Quality

As always, even in their accessories and cables Fiio always make very high quality products. This may be a little pricey for a small cable, but I'm really sure that sound quality and aesthetics won't suffer with this one. Plus this one uses an OFC 

FIIO LU1 Smart Adapter, an Cable to Fix TRRS Compliance Issues

  • Weight: 4g
  • Length of wire: 55mm
  • Diameter of Wire: 3mm
  • Materials of Wire: OFC
  • Impedance of Wire: max.0.5?
  • Price: PHP 350.00

FIIO LU1 Smart Adapter, an Cable to Fix TRRS Compliance Issues
Now only the volume rocker doesn't work! :)

This cable works like magic, it made headphones with mic that only works for idevices work on my old android phones that doesn't have CTIA. Everything sounded normal to me now, unlike the very hollow feel and wrong sound output when you don't use LU1! However, it will only manage to make your answer button work. So if your headphones have volume controls expect it not to work at all, not a big issue though as this one is made to make the sound output correct and make the microphone work.


This unit is perfect if your phone doesn't support CTIA and if your headphones with mic only have the answer button. Then if your unit have a volume rocker unfortunately it won't work most of the time, but the important part there is you get the correct sound output and get the answer button working!

This one is available at:

Listening Room Megamall
Egghead Audiohub
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