Can you imagine studying and playing at the same SCHOOL? This is called Classcraft. Designed by Shawn Young, an 11th grade teacher and also a web deloper. He made this web app to help students to learn better and to help each other.

You can roleplay a healer, a warrior or a mage in this interactive web app. The students then form teams to help each other. There are real world effects that the students experience like having extra minutes during exams. While being diligent in school gives the students rewards, doing so otherwise will give them penalties. Just like an RPG game you can level up your character and gain new abilities. 

Enjoy studying while playing: Gamify your school

The students are encouraged to help each other. When a teammate lost all his health points they die, the other members also lose health points. In addition, when a student lost all their health points they will get a penalty.

Classcraft is a really enjoyable way to help students learn and enjoy at the same time in school. Sign up is free, so teachers can try it right away. 


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