If you are a fan of tabletop games and want to enjoy it with friends, there is a nice review of a party game called The Resistance: Avalon on meepletown.com.

Here is a quick overview of the game:

Board games: The Resistance: Avalon

This is a game good for 5-10 players. It is a game full of deceit and teamwork.
The game starts with the players having a loyalty. This loyalties are the very essence of the game which will determine which side will win. The loyal people of camelot will try to protect win by finishing the quest each round, while the spies will try to make them fail the quests.

The game is simple to learn but  there are many strategies to it. Players will be assigned by a party leader to be part of the quest. The number of players in a quest depends on the current quest. All of the players will vote to accept the quest or reject it and the result will be the majority vote. When a quest is accepted, the members of the quest party will then vote for success or fail. If it is a success then the good guys will gain a point in the playmat and the game proceeds to the next quest. If it is a failed quest then the spies will gain gain a point then the game proceeds to the next quest. However if the quest was rejected, the counter for the failed quest will move one space forward, and when the threshold is reached the quest will automatically fail.

To win, the good guys must finish three successful quests. For the spies to win it's either they make three quests fail or if the good guys win, an assassin will guess who is "Merlin", if he guesses right then the spies win.

It is a pretty amusing game which you will have doubts in choosing which people would be trusted.

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