Mid year last 2013, VSonic started teasing us that they'll be releasing their follow-up to VSD1 that is perceived to perform at the level of the $300 Westone 4 and Shure SE535 for just $50. That started the hype and the waiting game, then after few months of delay from their January 1, 2014 target release. VSonic was finally able to release VSD3 and VSD3S!

After months of delay, VSonic VSD3 is now finally OUT!
A very sexy looking set of IEM!
Aside from the much hyped excellent sound quality of this IEM (In ear monitors), Vsonic VSD3 also have a shure like detachable cable feature. That means that it will be really easy to find replacement cables once your old cable is dead. From the looks of it,  VSD3 seems to have a large housing and a highly comfortable and durable design.

After months of delay, VSonic VSD3 is now finally OUT!
Okay, I'm in love with its design!
Right now I'm really really really really excited to try this one out! Even if it was just at 80% of the sound quality of Westone 4 or Shure 535 this is an ultra mega amazing buy!

Unfortunately, I guess I won't be able to have this unit for now because it was out of stock immediately after the pre-order sale. :/ Hopefully it will be in the Philippines soon!


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