Yesterday, I visited Egghead Audiohub the country's premier headphone shop, saw that they are now offering expert re-cabling service for those who wanted to repair their broken headphones, earphones and in-ear monitors or upgrade it for better sounding headphones. Aside from that that they are also offering custom cables for your HIFI gears.

As of today they are using 2 types of cables and the of their re-cabling service are:

Denko Cables - P 1990
Fast Twisted Braid Cables -  P 2990

Egghead Audiohub Recabling Service

Red and Blue Cables is Fast / Grey Cable is Denko
Plug - Neutrik / IEM - Soundmagic ES18

Egghead Audiohub Recabling Service

For reference here is the stock version of ES18

As you can see they transformed one of the best budget in-ear monitors into something even more special sounding . Both cables sounded really great and is definitely an upgrade over the stock es18, for me its just a matter of preference. :)

Note: As I've observed Egghead is also using the high quality Gold Plated Neutrik Rean plugs.

They're priced a little high for a cable, but once you see the craftsmanship and the difference in sound quality the price is very well justified. :) Overall, if you do not know how to solder and make DIY repairs and mods? Better be safe, let the experts do it for you. 
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