Looking for a starting gaming keyboard that doesn't feel and built like a starter budget gaming keyboard? Geeky Pinas is now sharing with you guys a short impressions of our favorite budget gaming peripherals from Dragon War, called the Dark Sector.

Dragonwar Darksector, An Excellent Semi-Mech Budget Gaming Keyboard

Dark Sector's Box


Multimedia & Function keys

Bright, Laser-Etched, Backlight keys that let you type easily 

Compact, slim design, backlight illumination

Typing that's silent, natural and fluid 

Gold-plated USB connector

Dimension: W393 x D140 x H22 mm

Weight: 593 g

1.8 Ultra long Braided Cable

Blue illuminated keys


Dragonwar Darksector, An Excellent Semi-Mech Budget Gaming Keyboard

Here it is! Meet Dark Sector!

For only 695 you get a Semi Mech Gaming Keyboard with LED Backlight. Wow! That's pretty rare in this price range and would cost you thousands of Pesos to other brands. I love its minimalist design and compact form. Another thing is what I love about this keyboard is that it is built to take some abuse (hooray for button bashers and heavy handed people) and feels quite durable. When I got hold of the keyboard it was a little heavy (that was due to its semi-mechanical and some kind of metals inside it), that made me quite impressed on how this keyboard was built.

Dragonwar Darksector, An Excellent Semi-Mech Budget Gaming Keyboard

Blue LED Backlight is COOL (Looks great in the dark)

When typing at first it was a little hard because I'm not yet used to the compact form. When I get used to it after an hour, Man I love touching its keys! They keyboard itself is just plug and play and you do not need to install drivers to use it, however unfortunately it also don't have a keyboard software wherein you can program your shortcut keys. Overall that was forgivable as we can download other apps for shortcut keys. What is important the Dark Sector is a very comfortable keyboard for gaming and typing purposes. 

Another good thing about the Dark Sector is its LED Backlight, not just because it looks good, but also because it can used perfectly in the dark.

Overall, I love what I'm experiencing with Dark Sector and will find out how will it fare against my heavy hands. So far I can feel that this will last me a good year or 2! I recommend this to all the budget gamers out there looking for a Razer alternative.

This is available at Datablitz for 695 Pesos.


Excellent Price
Backlight Keys
Braided Cables
Good For Button Bashers


Keyboard Paint fades if you have sweaty hands
Limited Warranty (Only 7 Days)
No Macro Keys
No Keyboard Software
Backspace Button is a little small (May take time before you get used to it)


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