Alphacool launched a new service - GPU Cooler Customization. The goal is to reduce costs of water-cooling components and to bring wide range options for high-end graphics cards in the market today.

Inexpensive Custom Graphics Card Watercooling
Alphacool found the inexpensive way to customize GPU Watercooling.

Previously, there were two options: Purchasing a full version cover water block for the particular graphics card or ending up purchasing a universal block, granted both issues. Full cover blocks that will work only on that specific card, upon upgrading. You’d also have to purchase a new water block. The universal options never properly cooled memory or VRM circuitry and it will not work on all graphics cards.

Alphacool’s Graphics Card Customization services almost solves the issue but it splits the cooler to multiple parts and it may depend on certain vendors of GPU manufacturers.

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