RHA (Reid Heath Acoustics) is a Scottish Audio Company that is relatively new in the headphones and in ear monitors scene. Recently they've landed and in the Philippine Market and have been making news with their flagship model MA750 because of its amazingly good sound and build quality to price ratio.

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
All class and looking very premium for a midrange IEM
MA600i arrived sakto (very timely) to our Geeky Pinas huddle (meeting) so we were able to unbox it as a group and share our little impressions.


MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
Great looking magnetic flip box!
MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
Tah dah! The Entire IEM Package! Looking very good indeed!

  • Drivers: 320.1 Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 16 -  22,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB
  • Rated / max power: 1/5 mW
  • Cable: 1.35m / dual insulated / OFC
  • Connections: 3.5 mm / 90 degrees / gold plated
  • Price:PHP 4,650


MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
All of the accessories included are useful! I love that custom RHA case included!
Oh by the way that's a patent pending eartips holder! :)
Mini Impressions

Build Quality

Wow this IEM is solidly built! Clearly the strong point of this item. Everything feels so premium and top notch, from cables, strain relief, y splitter, audio jack, mic, eartips to aircraft alloy housing.

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
Oh that finish! Air Craft Aluminum Goodness! :)
It feels like this would last tremendous abuse for years! From my memory it puts to shame some of my favorite toughly built IEMS like GR07, Mee M6 and Dunu Trident in build quality department.

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
Tank like aesthetics plus 3 years warranty, you cannot go wrong with that! :) 
Cables are plastic shielded which feels really very durable too!
Aside from that, RHA made this In Ear Monitors so gwapo (a looker / classy) and did not sacrifice design in order to create a tank like tough IEM!

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
That 3.5mm L Jack feels top notch too and won't break even with great abuse
Comfort / Isolation

Comfort level is a little above average, it sits just right to my ears. I could wear this for hours without fatigue. I actually prefer the quality of its tips than my old favorite sony hybrids eartips. 

Meaning their tips have really really good quality! Just choose your preferred tips and everything will be okay. :)

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
With the right set of tips you may achieve maximum comfort and isolation!Choose the best for you! Oh by the way that double flange tips is soooooo soft and its the 1st time I fell in love with bi-flanges. Good job RHA! 
Isolation however is just perfect for commutes, you can fairly hear outside noises from vehicles as this will make you still aware of your surroundings.

Sound Quality

From my initial SQ impressions, out of the box MA600i is really warm warm warm boom boom pow! The 1st thing we noticed is the warmth and huge bass quantity of sound production from Tiestö Life Chasing Summers and Franco's Better Days Instruments really stood out! 

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
V-shape Goodness! (Good for bass and treble lovers)
Soundstage is above average and has a very open feel as well. Everything might change after its burn in period. RA600i is a very good v-shaped all rounder from what we've heard so far. Generally consumers who wanted bass bass bass and treble treble treble would surely like this.

Overall I seem to like the sound quality of this one specially when producing clear vocals even in loud volumes and bassy tracks. I believe that it have a lot potential with the right source matching.

So far I believe that MA600i out of the box sounds just right for the price (one of the best sounding IEM with microphone for iDevices) with a build quality that rivals $300 IEMs. In that sense this one is definitely a good buy!


MA600i's microphone is said to work only for idevices, however I will try to use an adapter like Fiio LU1 (Watch out for my full review) to test if it might work with other devices especially Android Phones. In general it's microphone voice quality is really good!

MA600i Unboxing and Inital Impressions
Microphone's all aluminum body!
Lossless Tracks Used

1. Better Days Franco - FLAC / ALAC
2. Let It Go - Frozen Soundtrack - FLAC / ALAC
3. Life Chasing Summers - Tiestö - M4A
4. Constantly - Nina Live - FLAC / ALAC
5. Just The Way You Are - Best of Jazz Audiophile Collection FLAC / ALAC

Music Sources

1. Galaxy Nexus / MyPhone A888 with Fiio LU1 Smart Adapter
2. Itouch 4th Gen
3. Ipod 5.5G
4. Dell Latitude D830


Distributor Philippines: Digits Trading


We would like to say thank you to Digits Trading for the review unit! :)

Note: Some may not believe to burn in process, but we will just do it to make sure that we reached the true potential of its sound
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