Yesterday, images of the said device was scattered around the internet. Lumia 630 is expected to be the new budget face of Nokia's Windows based Lumia series.

Lumia 630 Leaked, a New Budget Windows phone with Cortana?
Photo from Think Digit / I saw a similar one from The Verge and Evleaks as well :)

What are we going to expect in these device? Rumors said that it is either a 4 inch smartphone or a 4.5 inch one. Processor is a Snapdragon 400, 1GB or RAM,  resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, will run on the latest Windows 8.1 and will have the virtual personal assistant named Cortana. Specs are not yet final, but I wish that this device would have LTE as well.

Nokia in general seems to be gearing very well towards budget minded customers. That's a plus point for them because most people today value bang for the buck sets than the flagship ones. (Unless you have the budget) Plus this is a Nokia, build quality is always a masterpiece.

What are your thoughts on these move and device from Nokia? Comment below. :) By the way there is also a rumor that they'll also be releasing the update of my personal favorite Lumia which is the 625, (could be named 635).


The Verge
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