Cherry Mobile seems to really keep up with what people needs "Value your lifestyle" indeed. They're coming out with the perfect device that could be used as a perfect disguise to snatchers and other forces of evil out there.

Cherry Mobile P1 / A Disguise Phone Against Device Snatchers
Anti - Philippine Snatcher
It is actually a smartphone dialer, a device that could be paired to your expensive smartphone to send SMS, play music and make calls. So basically when you're texting or making a call outside, evil dudes will think that you're just using a basic phone so there is a big chance that they won't have interest in doing something bad to you.

It is also rumored that P1 is not only a dialer and its a full grown basic phone too. It is said that it has a single sim, VGA cam and a microSD slot up to 32GB. (Not bad) :)

This will work with any smartphone with bluetooth capability, except idevices such as iphone and iTouch)

The Cherry Mobile P1 will be priced at Php 799 only!

I'll be getting one for myself ASAP. It is really a must have! :) How about you? What do you think about the product? Let me know your thoughts. Comment below. :)
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