Technology is rapidly changing and always aims for innovation. Applying different information systems really help the overall transaction in the world. The modern generation feels the advantages of using technology in doing every action. As a matter of fact, United Nations (UN) declares internet as a basic human right, dated year 2012.

How to Appy for an NBI E-clearance
NBI E-clearance
Focusing, Philippines also adapts the usage of real-time transactions with the use of information systems especially within the Local Government Units (LGUs).

I have used this NBI e-Clearance to overcome “infinity fall-in-line” experience. Just to share, before I used this e-Clearance (assuming I have no knowledge to this online application) I went to Mandaluyong City Hall at around 6am in the morning and I am the 179th applicant who was standing in the line. It was known that NBI Office will be opened at around 8am in the morning so it is normal to wait for about 2hrs. Unfortunately, the worst part was that the system was down and the NBI Office cannot serve us in that day but there are options to change location to other NBI Outlets but for me it’s too late because I expect more people to other outlets due to the time. End of sharing.

More than this, I have consulted some of my friends about the NBI online application and I generously tried it and I feel so blessed that it really existed. I am writing this article to share what I have learned and to spread the good news to everyone.


How to Appy for an NBI E-clearance

A.   GCash payment for NBI Clearance

There are Globe services outlets scattered around the Philippines and most of them are located to the near-known-cities. Local GCash Outlets are located to the following:

  • Pawnshops (Villarica Pawnshops / Tambunting Pawnshops / etc.
  • Business Centers (Malls)

For more GCash Outlets information, try to Click the link below.

            BRING 1 Valid ID (to play safe make it 2 Valid IDs)

Please save this NBI GCash Account No. 28829175638053. This may be asked by the GCash Outlet(s). Just tell the GCash outlet that you will send GCash for NBI Clearance.

Once your transaction has been processed, never forget to ask for a copy of the reference number of the transaction. You just have to ask the outlet that you need a copy of the Reference Number.

Reminder: Please bring cash with either of the amounts of 140.00 / 190.00 / 440.00 depending on your purpose of getting that clearance. Visit to see other purposes with corresponding amounts:

B.    Online Application

Visit the NBI Official Site at:

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