After the devastation of the calamity - Super Typhoon Yolanda, brought the whole world to a more - United Caring Nations. Despite of what has happened to the country, we all know Filipinos that there would be other people, countries and nations that are ready to help us in times of need. We are lucky and at the same time blessed for these.

After #YolandaPH: Help & Relief Operations Unites All

Below are some embedded Twitter and Facebook posts depicting the relief efforts and operations of our fellow Filipinos (from simple Pinoys, Celebrities, Local and International establishments, the government, etc),  and other countries are really providing their help and take pledge in helping either monetary or service needs of the country.

Thanks Mr. Anderson Cooper and to all that have helped & uplift the spirit of the country!

So what are you waiting for? Help the victims of the Typhoon by either donating, spread useful news in the social media, volunteer to relief operations, pray, or think of other ways to help. In the end we will be helping each other in times like these. Stop all the hating, the blames and rants - it should be stepped aside from now.  Help, help, help :)

Below is a link on how can you help in any relief operations:

Also you can use the hashtags #ReliefPH (when referring to relief operations related posts) and #YolandaPH (for Yolanda related posts), these are really helpful tags to everyone to help out. Do not use this tags for any other reasons other than helping as it can affect others.
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