FLAC stands for "Free Lossless Audio Codec" which offers CD quality in digital format. It is one of the best sounding music format available today. However, FLAC formats are generally space eaters (almost 40MB per file) and not all media players and portable music players supports FLAC format.

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial

Converting multiple FLAC files to other audio format usually eats up a lot of time. It also slows down your computer due to RAM and processor hogging - which may prevent you from multitasking.

Fortunately, there is now a FREE program that converts FLAC to other audio formats 3-4x faster than most FLAC converters and doesn't ruin audio quality. It's called "Media Human Audio Converter".

Where to download it?

Visit www.mediahuman.com/audio-converter then press download button. It works perfectly fine for PC, Linux and Mac.

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial

How to use it?

Using Media Human Audio Converter is ultra fast and easy. After downloading the installer, just open the media human audio converter. It will look like this:

Step 1: Drag and Drop your FLAC files into Media Human Application

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial-

Step 2: Choose the file format and bit rate (Here, I chose MP3 and its highest bit rate at 320 kbps) Another notable cool thing here is that Media Human automatically detected the artist album art! :) Yeah! \m/

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial
Step 3: Click on settings icon, then choose where you want the output to be rendered. (Oops this one is really great. Now I saw the reason why my album did find its album cover automatically. The program itself searched it via Last.fm, DiscOgs and Google Images)

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial
Step 4: Press Convert button. It can convert 2 files at the same time. Isn't the amazing? The conversion speed is also really really fast. Converting just takes 20 seconds per file. Usually most FLAC converter takes at least a minute or two per song.

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial
Step 5: Viola, soundtrip mode on! #HappyEars

Media Human Audio Converter Review and Tutorial

Quality of the Converted File

Now, the most important part that should be tested is the quality of the converted file. When I converted the FLAC files to MP3, the bit rate shrinks from 1000kbps (at least) to 320 kbps. I was surprised that the converted file sounded almost the same with the original file with FLAC format. That's really amazing. You can now enjoy FLAC- quality MP3 music with this converter.

A huge round of applause for Media Human Audio Converter!
Media Human Audio Converter is a highly recommended software for those who want to convert their music files into different formats. What is notable in this software is that it does not ruin the quality of the original file but it maintains it instead. 

This is best for Audio enthusiast who wants to enjoy FLAC quality of music but would like to maintain MP3 songs in their playlist due to storage limitations. If you're concern with conversion speed, Media Human Audio Converter converts really fast, unlike most audio converters.
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