Google has introduced a new PhotoScan App both for Android and iOS devices that will simplify the digitization of your old photos by scanning in just a few seconds using your smartphone's camera and easily uploading those to the cloud.

Google PhotoScan Scan your old photos quickly and easier in seconds

The PhotoScan app is different in a way that its not just taking a photo in the default camera app, rather the app will require you to take several shots of the picture. The PhotoScan app will automatically stitch, crop unnecessary edges, straightens the image with perspective correction, will apply smart rotation so your photos will stay right-side-up no matter which way you can them and removes any glares before turning it into a high resolution file.

Google PhotoScan Scan your old photos quickly and easier in seconds

Also, if you are using Google Photos, your scans will be automatically uploaded safely to your account from the Google Cloud servers. The Google Photos will provide an easy, organized and searchable photos. It will also provide advance editing controls/tools and share your photos to anyone by sending them with a link. You can watch the PhotoScan in action:

You can try, download and save those precious memories via Google PhotoScan app for Android here and iOS here.

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