Now that's a surprise! MyPhone did something HUGE and unexpected! They just beat one of the top companies in the world "Apple Inc." in a patent battle in court as the Intellectual Property Office favored the local company.

It's Official! MyPhone Announced It's HUGE Win Over Apple In Court Patent Battle!
The article showing MyPhone's win! Photo credits to Mr. John Luke Chica
The said fruit company is notoriously known for suing everyone in every patent claim on almost every aspect of a smartphone. One of Apple's most notable victim is Samsung Electronics which they beat in several courts.

What's the short story behind it?

The interesting in this story is MyPhone managed to keep it as a secret as nobody knows that there's even a battle that happened between the two mobile brands until now. Apple Inc. filed a case to the Solid group as they claimed that MyPhone is just copying their name to be more popular. However, according the Intellectual Property Office, MyPhone is marketed locally, a Pinoy Phone and Solid Group was able to first register the MyPhone brand way back in June 2007, days before Apple released their first iPhone model in the states. That's the summary of the main reason why MyPhone was able to beat Apple in court.

"NEWS FLASH!!! Classic David and Goliath Story! Global Giant Apple sued MyPhone the 1st and Leading Mobile Phone Brand in the Philippines over trademark issues 6 years ago. But true to its vision of providing the Filipino people with a competitive mobile product positioned for the local market, the ruling favored #MyPhone thus winning the court battle. A truly inspiring story for all Pinoys!" - the victory post by MyPhone

This just shows that Apple Inc. cannot bully every smartphone company in the world especially if it's a proudly pinoy brand. Congrats MyPhone! 


Mr. John Luke Chica
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