This new smartphone giant is taking over the world. Xiaomi breaks the world record of most phones sold in 24 hours at 2.11 million buys! This is something that has never been done before, not even Nokia, Samsung and Apple was able to achieve this feat in a single online platform.

Xiaomi Breaks NewThe Guiness World Record Of Most Phones Sold In 24 Hours!
New world record
Aside from their best selling smartphones Xiaomi also sold over 770,000 smart appliances, 247 power strips, 208,000 fitness watches, 79,000 Wi-Fi units and 38,600 smart televisions during their annual "Mi Fan Fest". As a result they made a total of 335 million dollars!

That success means that the company is doing really good. I'm wising them continued growth and international appeal as they are really making awesome bang per buck products. (Durable, cheap, great design and powerful)

Now I'm hoping that they'll bring their latest gadgets here in the Philippines very soon. Congratulations Xiaomi! You guys rock!


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