This is something that we "Pinoys" should be proud of! FlipEars is probably the first local branded company that makes custom in ear monitors for audiophiles, audio engineers, musicians and anybody who just loves listening to great music. It should sound amazing as they use KNOWLES and SONION balanced armature drivers for amazing clarity, audio quality and resolution.

FlipEars Pro Monitors, The First Branded Custom In Ear Monitors From The Philippines!
Crazy good looking shells!
The price is so mouthwatering...

You can get an their entry level FlipEars Pro X (Sing BA driver) at just PHP 8,000 making it by far the cheapest CIEM I've seen in the country! Then there goes they FlipEars XX a dual BA CIEM at just PHP 12,000 and the top of the line FlipEars XXX a triple BA driver at just PHP 15,000! (Woofer, Mids and Tweeter) The FlipEars XXX is said to give you a complete concert hall experience. With something this artistic and beautifully crafted, these custom in ear monitors is surprisingly priced quite low! Normally, a CIEM (Custom In Ear Monitors) is priced around PHP 25,000 to PHP 60,000. Then there are universal BA IEMS such as the Westone UM Pro 1 that you can get for PHP 7,500. So if I were you just add 500 pesos then you have your own custom IEM!

The finish looks awesome! Musicians would surely love this!
FlipEars also do RESHELL services for your existing BA such as Shure SE series, Sony, Westone, UE and they just charge it at a very low price of PHP 6,000 that includes detachable cables.

Main features

  • Custom Fit
  • Detachable Cables
  • Amazing clarity and resolution
  • Noise isolation (-26dB)
  • Very Low Impedance Balanced Armature Drivers
  • ISO 10993 Certified Biocompatible
  • Materials from Germany and US

How to order?

STEP 1: Go to your nearest Audiologist such as Manila Hearing Aid and have your “EAR IMPRESSIONS” done. In this process they put a silicone material that goes way pass the second bend of your ear canals, to your concha, helix, and the outer part of the ear. Here, we are able to know how your ear anatomy looks like. Manila hearing aid charges Php700 for both ears. If you want a cheaper option, Go to us. We can also make your ear impressions. We charge Php500 for a pair. Remember, your FlipEar Monitors are always as good as your ear impression. Please read our tips for the audiologists below.

STEP 2: Contact FLIPEARS  and send us your impressions. Safely put your ear impressions inside a box, make sure it is properly sealed.

Tip sheet for Audiologist...

1. FlipEars makes full shell monitors. What we need from our customers is a full shell impression, including the crus of helix, tragus and anti-tragus.
2. The impressions must be made of high-viscosity silicone impression material. Preferably DREVE or DETAX.
3. It is required that the dams are made of cotton instead of foam. Foam will tear the end of the canal when removed for processing.
NOTE: If there is no alternative, foam may be used.
4. It is required that we have an open mouth impression taken to the second bend of the ear canal. To ensure there is no jaw movement while the material is curing, a bite block must be used prior to the injection and throughout the entire process.

To accomplish this...

A. Customer’s mouth should be wide open when the impression material is injected into the ear.
B. Have the customer keep their mouth open until the impression material has completely cured.

Now I'm very keen to personally hear how good these custom in ear monitors are. Based on the photos and the information I got, this is really promising! It could be a true bang per your buck CIEM! I believe that this will attract and educate a lot of people on how good custom in ear monitors are without draining your bank account.

Source and credits to FlipEars
For inquiries contact FlipEars: 09228841668
Find them on Facebook: Click Here!
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