Just earlier, the leaked prototype of the Microsoft Lumia 1020's successor, the rumored McLaren, has been spreading around the web. Now another rumor has come out and this time, it's about its camera feature.

Microsoft Lumia 1030, code-named  McLaren will feature 50MP Camera

While the Kinect-like Windows Phone technogy was put on hold, the upcoming handset is set to sport other intriguing features. Coming from their reliable source, the Microsoft Lumia 1030, a.k.a McLaren, will feature a massive sensor that will boast a 50MP camera - not only higher resolution but physically larger as well, when compared to its predecessor.

The said sensor is reportedly manufactured by a Japanese company, Toshiba, and will come with shutter-less design and 4th generation pulse LED flash.

The Lumia 1030 is expected to debut at the Mobile World Congress in March 2015. Meanwhile, you can check the Microsoft 1030 prototype here:

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