As projected we took more than a week to complete our test with the Soundfreaq Double Spot Bluetooth Speaker. We burned it in for more than 100 hours and there were significant changes to it's sound quality. We'll do a different twist this time as me and my colleague Matt Animos both reviewed the unit to share you our thoughts with the Soundfreaq Double Spot. So here's our full review...

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Build Quality

Checkout this beauty!
The build quality of Soundfreaq Double Spot is pretty decent! it is made out of high quality plastic that have a grill like design. Overall the Soundfreaq Double Spot is a nicely built Bluetooth speaker that should last for a while unless you drop this one regularly. (LOL who would do that to this nice device?)


The ports and equalizer
USB Output - It has a 5V / 1A USB power output where-in you can charge your smartphone while playing music.

AUX In - It have an option to use 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm for a cabled music experience (This one is far better sounding IMHO)

Good Controls - There's the standard Play, Next, Back, Volume Up and Down and Pair Buttons.

Equalizer - You can set the sound signature to flat, warm and bright mode. There's also a UQ3 that enhances the stereo speaker separation. 

Good Battery Life -  More than 5 hours of playback via Bluetooth and more than 7 hours via cables.

Oh by the way Matt figured out that this battery pack can be modded up to 3400 mAh from just 1800 mAh to add more juice to its battery life!
Something like Panasonic 18650 battery could work
Bluetooth Analysis

The Double Spot has good Bluetooth connectivity - there are no drop-off when you play music to your phone up to 10 meters. When there are walls blocking the Bluetooth signal the connection is still good up to 6 meters. However, while testing this it didn't work on some old Bluetooth 2.0 dongles which it caused some BSOD errors while we are trying to connect the device.

Sound Quality

Okay now we go to the most important part of this review, the sound quality...

The Double Spot is on a different level compared to most Bluetooth Speakers I've heard. It was able to offer HiFi sound quality that can match my old good Aiwa stereo speakers in terms of sound quality. Then according to Jerome this one a little bit similar sounding to his very good vintage Britz BR-1000A bookshelf speaker and can also go toe to toe with his pricey M-Audio AV30 except for loudness.

At first we thought that this one is a bright speaker, but after more than a hundred hours with it me and Matt both agreed that it is warmer now even on a flat setting. Having said that the Double Spot has greater balance and sounds better now. Being a dual driver Bluetooth speaker the soundstage wide and have a realistic 3D feel. However, the double spot seems to be a little bass anemic for others.

When it comes to playing music the cymbals on Kitchie Nadal's "Pag-Ibig" sounds divine, the female vocals stood out too and the every detail of the instrument is present. When playing Franco's "Castaway" you really can feel the emotion song digs deep to your heart.

Overall, we had a great time with Soundfreaq Double Spot as it is a very good all rounder that should go well with most tracks. Plus even without the equalization it sounds good that should satisfy most people even those with picky ears.

Note 1: 100 hours burn-in is applied before testing this speaker
Note 2: All music files used are in lossless format
Note 3: Via Bluetooth there's no distortion even you crank up the volume to the max
Note 4: When played via 3.5 to 3.5 mm cable the sound is louder and better, however there's a noticeable distortion when played more than 80%
Note 5: The Double Spot is amplifier friendly. :)
Note 6: You can just adjust the equalizer to your music taste. (Warm, Flat or Bright) To us we liked the UQ3 feature at Flat equalizer setting.


  • Amazing clarity for a Bluetooth speaker
  • Hi-Fi Sound Quality when used with male to male 3.5 mm cables
  • Compact Design
  • UQ3 Surround Sound Enhancement is amazing
  • One of the best value speakers in its price range


  • Doesn't work with some old Bluetooth modules. (2.0 below) There should be no problem with Bluetooth 2.1 above.
  • Soundfreaq didn't include a male to male 3.5 mm cable


We are very impressed with the sound quality of Soundfreaq Double Spot especially when used via cables. It has that Hi-Fi grade balanced sound signature which goes well with most genres. Overall, most people who don't like too much bass should fall in love with its sound quality. :)

You can buy this at the following authorized resellers:

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