This 2014 we are seeing more and more smartphones with ultra thin bezels, LG is one of the 1st to start that trend with their current flagship LG G3! Right now LG want's to amp up the game over Sharp with the "world's thinnest smartphone bezel" at 5.3 mm of 1080p LCD at  just 0.7mm of thickness or rather thinness!

LG Now Has The World's Thinnest Bezels At Just 0.7mm! (Leak)
This is going o be the wonderful future of LG's bezels? 
The thinness of this new bezels from LG looks really amazing with this proprietary "Neo Edge" design. According to reports, this new bezels by LG is just as thin as a mechanical pencil graphite and a credit card! We are speculating that this panels could be used with their upcoming flagship which is the LG G4! The Neo Edge screens are also known to be dust proof and waterproof, so we could expect a water resistant flagship being prepared by LG pretty soon. 

According to the press release by LG the production of this new screens will likely begin next month. With that we could be able to see this type of devices as early as January 2015 during the annual CES show!

With the proven capabilities of LG we are quite sure that they'll be able to pull this innovation out. Now the excitement to see devices with this kind of bezels begins. Thank you LG!


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